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Our highly competent team in combination with the most up to date technology and equipment strives to over meet customers’ demands and needs in order to become as the LEADING NATIONAL PRODUCER on the Mongolian Construction Materials market.   

BEAD BOARD FACTORY produces daily 1412m3 high quality fire proof  bead boards available in all density, size and form requested on customers demand via deployment of the modest technology in combination with the advanced progressive raw materials and in compliance with the Mongolian National MNS ISO 13163:2011 quality standard for individuals and organizations. The heat bead factory produces fire proof bead polyester board with density of 5-43kg/m3 through consumption of the internationally recognized ISO-9002 quality standards fire resistant FSB and FSA raw materials.   

SANDWICH BOARD FACTORY “NOTS” LLC had recently launched fully equipped factory by the modern art technology based on automate regime with 2400-2800m2 daily capacity of sandwich board production and ever since provides its products to the market.  The raw material – bead boards produced by ourselves, however metal plate we consume from China’s state renowned factories and leading producers.         


·         Heat loss less than 0.02%, density is higher than 15m3

·         Board size is 10-15cm in thickness, 0.97cm in wideness

·         Quite light in weight and easy to use

·         Water and humidity proof, cold resistant

·         Stable, time proof and  steadfast

·         The raw material - metal plate covered by cold protective paint.

·         The building constructed via sandwich board is easy to assemble, speedy, light, steadfast, natural appearance.


We happy to provide you the best quality EPS sandwich boards, water and air proof that can endure sharply continental cold climate of Mongolia. 


·         Technologically sound and high capacity

·         Production conducted via high quality raw materials

·         The produced goods maintain high quality 

·         Production facilitated at the own property space 

·         Economically stable 

·         Guaranteed by additional business assistance service

·         Free of charge intra cities delivery and inter cities with allowance 

·         Run the sandwich and metal carcass construction brigade  


·         Well proof of sound and heat 

·         Fire resistant

·         Light in weight

·         Adjustable wall thickness in order to save material  

·         Time consuming construction availability within limited space

·         Water humidity resistant

·         The best modern technology no health side effects